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Fusion Treatment

Fortuna’s original treatment that involves an intermingling of traditional Oriental and Western practices.

Fusion Body Treatment

Fortuna Body Fusion
90min. \18,000+tax
Many physical disorders stem from stagnation of circulation. Each treatment begins with a consultation to assess the best possible treatment for you.
This is followed by a chiropractic treatment that works to flex and relieve strains, and to balance the body, in turn widening the lymph paths. Finally, employing aroma oils specially suited to your condition, the therapist brings you into a deepened state of relaxation by aligning the lymph flow.

Fusion Facial Treatment

Symmetry Beauty
75min. \19,000+tax
We focus on distortion and imbalances in the temporomandibular connections that effect facial symmetry. Loosening the muscle tension of the masseters works to balance your facial symmetry and neck alignment. We finish with a décolleté, neck and facial massage using high quality organic skincare products that help to increase lymphatic flow.
Bishin Facial
75min. \18,000+tax
The application of stimulating, ultrafine acupuncture needles to the muscle groups most responsible for making facial expressions works to reduce swelling, wrinkling and sagging of the skin. Finally, a décolleté, face and head massage followed by a lift mask will leave you radiating a "healthy beauty."

Customized Treatment

TOKYO Escape
180min. \37,000+tax
After consultation with an experienced masseuse, we will recommend the treatment that is best suited to your needs.
(Inquiries as to your basic requests will be made when a reservation is made.)
This is a made-to-order program carried out in Fortuna’s sweet suit featuring a rock bed heat bath. You can customize the treatment menu according to your needs.
Combining our extensive selection of menu options, all based on Fortuna’s concepts of “beauty, relaxation and health,” with the expertise of our therapists allows guests to choose a course of treatment that suits them perfectly.

Body Treatment

Aroma Therapeutics
60min. \14,000+tax
90min. \20,000+tax
The aromatherapy treatment purges stress and enhances natural healing power.
We select the finest blended essential oils according to your purpose and condition.
Healing Stone Therapy
90min. \20,000+tax
We gently ease stiffened muscles using the warmed, rounded basalt to facilitate the flow of blood and to regain the natural energy flow.
Blissful Body Scrub
45min. \12,000+tax
This body scrub works best on those feeling run down and drained of energy, fatigued, or with sluggish circulation. The high-mineral content of the scrub's purifying ingredients detoxifies and cleanses, expelling any aura of negativity, giving your energy field and immune system a boost, and leaving your mind, body and spirit feeling uplifted.
30min. \6,000+tax
This treatment is great for anyone who is recovering from a long flight, or has been on their feet all day. The application of detoxifying oil will help to refresh your feet and calves.

Facial Treatment

Detox Clay Facial
60min. \15,000+tax
The mineral clay facial treatment begins with the removal of dead skin from the facial area, followed by a décolleté, face and head massage. Lastly, a clay mask leaves your skin feeling smooth and velvet-like.
Carbonated Facial
60min. \16,000+tax
This treatment works to reduce dullness and under eye circling. An effervescent carbonated mask gently stimulates and rejuvenates your skin.
Recharge Facial
30min. \9,000+tax
Balancing the moisture and sebum in your skin brings out its liveliness.
We recommend extending this treatment to include the body.

Anti-aging Facial
60min. \16,000+tax
A specialized mask containing a high concentration of fruits enzyme gently removes dead skin cells,
reduces blackheads and leaves the skin soft and renewed to its natural perfection.
We finish with collagen boost mask to nourish, radiant and leaves your skin with the look of fine porcelain.

Package Menu

Healing Ritual
90min. \20,000+tax
Includes: Foot bath & scrubs, Aroma therapeutics and a Recharge facial.
With Fortuna's popular package treatment you can enjoy both a body and a facial treatment, quickly and conveniently.
Total Bliss
120min. \29,000+tax
Includes: Foot bath & scrubs, Back scrub, Aroma therapeutics, plus your choice of facial treatments.
This deluxe full-package comes to you with our highest recommendations. Melt away in bliss as we treat you to a foot bath & scrub followed by a full-body and facial treatment.
Romantic Journey
180 min. \64,000+tax for two
Includes: Foot bath & scrubs, Aroma therapeutics, plus your choice of facial treatments. Hand & Foot mask , Seasonal Refreshment-The program for two persons is located at Fortuna's sweet suite. Seasonal drinks are offered after the treatment to accompany a relaxing and comfortable time.

Optional Treatment

Aroma Treatment Components( Back, Reflexology, Hand, Head )
15min. \3,000+tax
Back Scrub
15min. \3,500+tax
Rock Bed Heat Bath Experience
30min. \4,000+tax
Enjoying the rock bed heat bath in our infrared-equipped dome, before the treatment, has a synergistic effect when combined with our other menu options.

Seitai (SHIMIZU Body Work) cost of first consultation \2,000+tax

Shimizu Bodywork is a full body adjustment technique that focuses on the feet. Takeshi Shimizu's system builds on the understanding that proper balancing of the feet is a key to natural health and beauty, and a pain-free existence. Many common types of chronic pain such as, but not limited to, neck, lower-back, and knee pain, stem from instability of the feet. For many years Shimizu suffered from chronic back pain resulting from a fractured ankle and aggravated by flat-footedness.
After fifteen years of studying, and learning from, his own ordeal on the road to rehabilitation Shimizu came to realize the great importance of having balanced feet.
The feet are the foundation upon which the rest of the body relies. Restoring the feet to their proper alignment reduces undue stress at, and unnecessary burden to, other areas throughout the body. With continued attention to walking correctly and proper use of the body in motion, the effects of "Shimizu Bodywork" can be long-lasting, if not permanent, with the root cause of the pain eliminated.
Shimizu Body Work
45min. \9,000+tax
60min. \12,000+tax
Shimizu Body Work (Treatment administered by Director Shimizu)
45min. \17,500+tax
60min. \20,000+tax

Acupuncture cost of first consultation \2,000+tax

45min. \8,500+tax
60min. \11,000+tax
Acupuncture is a type of alternative medicine that radically loosens muscle tension by treating patients with needles which are inserted into various acupuncture points in the skin, and expertly manipulated. Acupuncture enhances immune strength and promotes internal reform.
Bishin(Acupuncture for Beauty)
45min. \10,000+tax
Stimulating needles applied to certain acupuncture points, such as the muscles that control facial expression, neck, and head movements, reduce swelling, wrinkling, and sagging of the skin. In addition, manipulating internal points will lead to a “healthy beauty” by exposing an internal beauty.


60min. \8,800+tax
Shiatsu is a type of alternative medicine that involves the use of finger and palm pressure to target the nervous system in order to improve the blood circulation.
This treatment is recommended for the person who wants to refresh after exercise or work.
*more than 60 min. treatment is available upon request. Please ask for the details.


Operation Hours
10:00 – 20:00
*Reception hours may vary depending on the types of treatments booked.
・Fortuna         03-3221-4222 (Direct access)
・The Golden Spa New Otani 03-3265-9611
Or, reserve by mail at info@fortuna-ichibankan.com
Please let the operator know that you would like to make a “reservation at Fortuna”.
Use of the Golden Spa New Otani
Fortuna customers may also enjoy the Golden Spa’s members-only-facilities. (These services are only available to those customers over the age of 18).
Please ask for details.
・Please arrive 10 min. before your reserved time. (15 min. in advance for first time guests)
・Please complete entry procedures at the Golden Spa front desk.
・Please note that the treatment time may be shortened in the case of delay.
Cancellation Policy
・Changes and cancellations for treatments are accepted by the day before your reserved date without incurring a charge.
・In cases of no shows or late cancellations, no refunds will be made.
・Please be informed that if you have any allergy, chronic disease, injury, or any other health concern, we will recommend the menu options that best suit your condition.
・Please refrain from drinking any alcoholic beverages before and after the treatment.
・Please inform the receptionist in advance if you are pregnant.
・In some cases, we may not be able to administer the type of treatment you wish for, in accordance with your condition.


By Train
3minutes walk from Exit D of Akasaka Mitsuke Station.Marunouchi Line /Ginza Line.
3minutes walk from Exit No.7 of Nagata-Cho Station.Hanzomon Line / Yuraku-cho Line / Nanboku Line.
6minutes walk from Koji-machi exit of Koji-machi Station.Yuraku-cho Line.